Fire Technology

Department of Fire Technology and Safety Engineering
The B.Tech in Fire Technology and Safety Engineering is started our Institute in the year 2010. This new program has been designed and introduced for the students who wish to be involved in the design of fire safety solutions through the application of prevailing knowledge and proven techniques. Fire Technology and safety engineering is an engineering branch which explores the various possibilities of preventing fires. In the modern society of 21st century, it is the art and science of designing buildings and facilities for life safety and property protection in the event of an unwanted fire with application of scientific and engineering principles. The fire engineering design sectors are at the forefront of ensuring that fire safety is maintained and enhanced, without exhausting natural resources or damaging the environment. Fire Engineering involves the technological knowledge to prevent people and property in case of fire breakdown. A person who studies Fire Engineering, including prevention and control is known as Fire Engineer / Fire Services Engineer. All over the world services of a Fire Engineer are considered among top-notch professions as it plays a significant role in saving life and property.

Job Opportunity
Large number of job opportunities as Safety officer, Fire and Safety Manager, etc in Fire Force, Gas, Petroleum and Oil Industries, refineries, plants, Construction Companies in India and abroad

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